FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do wheels come with valve stems?

New Wheels:
New wheels will not come with valve stems.

Japanese Wheels:
Not all sets will come with Valve Stems, however most sets will come with original condition valve stems that come on the wheels. Aftermarket valve stems may or may not be compatible depending on wheel model. Note that these valve stems that come on the wheels can be over 10+ years old. You may need to find replacement rubber seals for the valve stem or buy new complete replacements. We are not responsible for any air leaks involving the valve stem.

Note: Please contact us to confirm if valve stems are included.

How is Shipping Calculated? Do You Ship Worldwide?

All wheel sets, seats, hardware, accessories, and merchandise will have a flat rate shipping in the continental US. Additional charges apply outside of the continental US.

Standard shipping: $30.00

Express shipping: $50.00

International shipping: $60.00 

We ship worldwide! So if you require custom shipping, please contact us through email.

How long does it take for my order to be processed and shipped?

As long as what you ordered is in stock, your order will ship within 2-5 business days. If the part you order is out of stock, estimated 2-6 weeks till size will restock and order will be ready to ship.  

What is the difference between Polished and Chrome?

Polished (sometimes referred as High Polish) is a raw finish done directly over the aluminium material without any sort of coating. They are easily repairable and is very cost-effective finish.
Chrome (sometimes referred as Triple Chrome) is a type of plating applied on top of the aluminum material. They are more reflective than Polished, easily maintained, but comes at a higher price.

I don't like the color/finish, bolt pattern, width, and/or offset. Can you guys make changes to that?

Yes. Depending on the wheels, we can make a wide range of alterations, the cost will sometimes either remain the same or be additional.

What is a standard powdercoat finish?

Standard finishes consists of anything that does not involve polishing, brushing, plating, transparent, or candy colors. Thing that would fall into this category would be simple solid/metallic colors such as White, Silver, Gunmetal, Blue, Red, Gold, Bronze, Black, etc.